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CA$ 149.00 CAD
Also includes Free Edgemate All-Purpose Blade Sharpener
Effortless lake and pond shoreline underwater weed control with the original, high quality, fun-to-use water weed cutter.
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Effortless lake and pond shoreline weed control with the original, high quality, fun-to-use water weed cutter.

Forget expensive motorized weed cutting devices or professional contractors--all you need is the ingenious blades and simple-to-use design of the V'eedCutter.

Many cottagers put up with problematic weeds along their shoreline when they simply don't have to, with this quick, easy and inexpensive solution.

All you have to do is throw V'eedCutter into the water, and in a matter of minutes you will solve your weed problems with minimal effort. Not fancy, just smart, the V'eedCutter is a long galvanized metal Y-shaped pole that sports stainless steel blades on each of its legs. These extremely sharp blades come with protective rubberized blade covers that make safe handling of the V'eedCutter a snap.

No longer do you have to put up with annoying weeds that are growing out of control and ruining your access to the lake. No longer do you have to go through the hassle and expense of having this problem dealt with via professional contractors or motorized weed cutters. V'eedCutter puts a highly effective solution in the palm of your hand. Thousands of cottagers and homeowners across North America know and love this product.

Don't be fooled by low quality imitations that are surprisingly expensive.
It's true that you can find other aquatic/lake/pond weed cutters out there, but when you add it all up, and take a closer look at what you're getting, you will be sorry you didn't buy the original Veedcutter from Cutting Edge.

We are the inventors of this ingenious device, and through the years Cutting Edge has learned how to keep costs down and quality up. We have never offered you anything but the highest quality stainless steel blades and tow rope at a price that can't be beat anywhere. Plus you get blade protectors and our Edge-Mate All Purpose Blade Sharpener free of charge. With the Edge-Mate blade sharpener you can keep your Veedcutter in perfect condition for powering through weeds along the shoreline of your lake or pond. You can also use it to keep just about any blade sharp. And it all comes with a money back guarantee.

With so many advantages to our product we could charge more, but we don't. We trust that cottage and home owners with annoying water weeds will do their homework. Our price includes a blade sharpener, free shipping anywhere in Canada and a money back guarantee. Others may advertise for less but it will not include the essential blade sharpening tool OR shipping, so when you get to the final check out you'll be paying much more for a likely inferior product.

Available at Home Hardware stores across Canada

If you prefer to purchase the V'eedCutter in person rather than on line, you can get it at any Home Hardware store in Canada. If they don't have it in stock just quote product # 6610-010.

Watch the video, see it in action. Easy action.

Please click on the pictures and video on this page to learn more about this amazing product that a cottage owner buys once and uses for years to come. Isn't it time your family went swimming without worrying about annoying weeds?

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