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Techni Ice ice pack lasts up to 6 times longer than bagged ice or gel packs in your cooler, and unlike Ice Packs Or Bags, Techni Ice Remains Flexible When Frozen hlkjhlkjh lkjhljlhjkhlhjkhkjhjkhlhlkhlhlhjhjh h jh jh
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Techni Ice Is Australia's Best Selling
Reusable Cooler Ice Pack

Now Available In North America: Buy at the lowest price here online from Cutting Edge, the renowned maker and distributor of products that make a difference.

Techni Ice ice pack lasts up to 6 times longer

...than bagged ice or gel packs in your cooler. It's patented refrigerant technology is allows it to freeze down to a lower temperature than bagged ice or gel packs in your freezer. For a fisherman or hunter it means keeping your catch fresher and colder longer. For the cottage or backyard party cooler it's an ice pack that keeps your sandwiches, beer and beverages cooler longer.

Unlike The Ice Packs Or Bags of Ice You're Used To, Techni Ice Remains Flexible When Frozen

Forget big, bulky bags of ice that never seem to fit right in the cooler, or gel pack bricks that could break a toe if you drop them, Techni Ice remains flexible when frozen making it the ultimate in cooler or lunchbag convenience. Use 2 or 3 sheets to line the inside of your cooler, wrap colder-than-ice Techni Ice around your beverage or beer bottle, hang it over the edges of your wine bucket, and in the case of injury it's an instant cold pack that wraps around a leg or arm. The convenience of a product that remains flexible when frozen is truly amazing.... once you start using Techni Ice instead of bagged ice and gel packs you'll soon discover many of your own unique uses around the house or cottage, at your kid's soccer or baseball game, on family vacations, camping etc.

How to use Techni Ice

1. Use as full sheet, OR cut to the perfect size mini cold or hot pack. Great for keeping medicines cool in transit or warm in lunch boxes, etc. Techni Ice sheets are completely non-toxic.

2. The first time you use Techni Ice, repeatedly scrunch the wafer thin sheet in warm water until cells are fully expanded.
3. Through one-way micro pores, Techni Ice will expand to a no-leak, water-filled, flexible 24-cell sheet. (Your sample sheet has 4 cells).

4. Store in the freezer in preparation for cold therapy. Stays flexible when frozen, and can actually help lower the freezer temperature, helping save energy over time.


Store at room temperature in preparation for heat therapy, or to keep food or medicine warm.

5. Comfortably place/wrap cold therapy sheet. Will stay cold for hours.


Heat it up in the microwave for 1-3 minutes (slight condensation on 1st use), and wrap in cloth. Can provide intense and penetrating heat for a variety of medical conditions and will stay warm for hours.

6. Repeat from step 4 for years to come... highly durable.

How Should I Use Techni Ice As An Ice Pack To Keep Things In My Cooler Colder, For Longer?

Although you need much less Techni Ice that you would bagged ice or gel ice packs, you still need to make sure you use enough to do the job. Here's what we recommend:

1-2 Sheets for a personal or 6-pack cooler

3-4 Sheets for a small cooler

6-8 Sheets for a large cooler

If you know the actual size of your cooler in litres (it's often listed somewhere on the container) then you can use the general rule of thumb of

1 sheet per 7 cubic litres of ice box.

Because Techni Ice is flexible when frozen it is easier to pack your cooling sheets in and around containers and bottles in your picnic cooler. Also, keeping in mind that cold air falls downward, when you use a large sheet (cut another sheet up into pieces for use in between objects or for small coolers and lunchboxes) in your cooler, lay it on top of everything to keep everything frozen longer.

Techni Ice hot pack therapy is made to order pain relief

Techni Ice can be used as a hot pack, hot wrap, cold pack, cold wrap for effective pain relief. For an immediate injury you might want to put "ice" on it. Whereas for enduring long term relief many physiotherapists use it as a long-lasting heat wrap.

For use in hot therapy store some Techni Ice at room temperature, and then when you need it, heat it up in the microwave for 1 to 3 minutes.

Longest lasting

The same polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer thermal absorbent technology that lets Techni Ice cool down to sub-zero temperatures rivalling that of dry ice, are also responsible for this product's incredible ability to stay warm for hours on end.

Pain relief cut to order

Furthermore, because you can cut between the product cells with scissors, it means you can create a heat wrap of any size.... even something that will fit in the palm of your hand. Some people actually use it as a pocket warmer in winter.

You control the temperature.

The intense heat that this product can provide is very useful in a variety of medical conditions. Everything from a simple headache to sports injuries to arthritis and so on. Now it should be noted that just because Techni Ice can provide intense heat it does not mean you have to use it that way. Because you warm it up in the microwave you decide how long to leave it in there, controlling your starting temperature.

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