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  • MKS - Mosquito Killing System

    MKS - Mosquito Killing System
    MKS - Mosquito Killing System
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    The Final Word In Reducing Populations Of Mosquitos And Other Biting Insects.

    If you're looking for the absolutely best mosquito control product on the market look no further than the Arctic MKS (Mosquito Killing System). This patented product was developed with technical assistance from NASA, and is used in commercial installations that are serious about controlling mosquitos and other biting insects such as black, horse, and deer flies, no-see-ums and midges. For example, it is the professional choice at the world-famous Belmont Park Race Track where it protects thoroughbred race horses, jockies, trainers and guests.

    That doesn't meant you couldn't use it in your own backyard. For some people, mosquito control is a must, and they are willing to pay a slightly higher price than they would for less effective units.

    Once purchased, the MKS is extremely economical to operate. It runs on electricity, not propane, and with a photovoltaic sensor it turns on at dusk, and off at dawn, so that it only runs when mosquitos are active. The only other thing you will ever need to do over the course of its lifetime is refill the standard CO2 tank, like the kind that is used at restaurants and pubs.

    This quiet killer uses no chemicals and is completely environmentally friendly as it quickly wipes out the local mosquito population, and makes your world a friendlier place.

    Using The MKS

    • Refill the CO2 tank (NOT SOLD with the MKS unit - available at a dealer in your area). Click here to locate a Praxair dealer in your area, for example. There are many others, since most cities and towns have at least one CO2 dealer.
    • The CO2 tank will last approximately 31 days of continuous use. The MKS is so effective that you may choose to kill the local population and wait for the next rainfall before turning it on again.
    • One MKS will reduce the mosquito population in a 1 acre area depending on breeding sites, shrubbery, fences, buildings, environmental changes, winds and temperatures.
    • During the many years of R&D it took 4 years alone to determine the correct airflow, which is a factor in MKS performance. The capture net reduces airflow by 1 mph. After using the net to monitor your catch at a chosen location for the MKS, remove the net for optimum results.
    • For detailed information on placement of the MKS mosquito killing system click here.
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: Please note, for any warranty issues please contact the manufacturer of this product directly.