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  • Ice³ - Multi-Purpose Cooler

    Ice³ - Multi-Purpose Cooler
    Ice³ - Multi-Purpose CoolerIce³ - Multi-Purpose Cooler
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    1. A cooler for drinks or food.

    First and foremost, Ice³ is great at keeping things cold for long periods of time. With its unique inside moulded shape it's perfect for holding a six pack of cans tight and secure. You can also use the spacious interior to keep your lunch cold, and anything else you use a cooler for. If you work outdoors, this is the best lunchbox ever!

    Just fill up each side compartment with water and freeze them. Then latch them together around your food or beverages, effectively encasing them in ice on all sides.

    Now that's some serious cooling power!

    2. Two bottles of drinking water.

    The second great use for this cooler is that it provides ice-cold drinking water as the ice in the outer compartments melts.

    3. An ice-pack for a larger cooler.

    Finally, the relatively compact design of Ice³ means you can put this cooler inside another cooler! No more wasting valuable space with ice packs in your larger sized cooler.... now with Ice³ your ice pack is multi-purpose!