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  • H-man - Human Emulation Mosquito Trap

    H-man - Human Emulation Mosquito Trap
    H-man - Human Emulation Mosquito Trap
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    Emulates Six Ways That Mosquitos Are Attracted To Humans And Animals


    Includes: 1 Pack of Attractants

    Mosquitos are a perennial problem for which many solutions have been invented. The H-man takes what has been learned from other traps and devices, and combines multiple attractant methods into a truly powerful killing machine.

    This six-pronged approach has been shown to compare favourably to other traps. Unless you're willing to spend a lot more we don't believe you'll find a mosquito trap that will outperform H-man.

    In a well-controlled trial in an outdoor setting over a 2-week period, H-man eliminated over 9000 mosquitos. H-man kills so many mosquitos that you can actually reduce your local mosquito population to the point where you may choose to discontinue operation of the trap until mosquitos enter your area again.

    Mosquitos are a potentially serious health risk, so despite the effectiveness of our product it is important not to forget to employ other mosquito control measures as necessary.

    It's also nice to know that H-man is a truly environmentally-friendly product. No fogging, pesticides, bug zappers, repellants, citronella, coils or candles. All H-man mosquito attractants are produced in the natural environment.

    H-man is not known to be harmful to people or pets, and has none of the possible health risks associated with many common mosquito products.

    Once drawn into the trap, a fan pulls bugs into a basket, where they quickly dehydrate for easy disposal.

    Easily replaceable lactic acid and octenol tray lasts up to two months.