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  • Edge-mate - All Purpose Blade Sharpener

    Edge-mate - All Purpose Blade Sharpener
    Edge-mate - All Purpose Blade SharpenerEdge-mate - All Purpose Blade Sharpener
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    This Handy Tool Makes Quick Work Of Sharpening So Many Different Blades

    With its wonderful ergonomic design, you can quickly run the edge-mate all-purpose blade sharpener across so many different blade surfaces that you'll be asking yourself why you put up with dull blades around the house and cottage for so long.

    From your finest kitchen knives, to axes, to shovel blades and so many other everyday tools, edge-mate sharpens them all. edge-mate fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, while its sharpening surface hugs whatever blade edge it is applied against, flexing in and out according to the amount of pressure you apply.

    LIGHT pressure and a few passes is all it takes to achieve an extremely sharp blade with this uniquely powerful and versatile product.

    edge-mate will withstand an extended lifetime of regular use because it has a housing made of tough impact-resistant ABS plastic and an ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpening surface.

    Lightweight, easy-to-use, and relatively inexpensive considering the results it delivers, you'll be wanting to keep one on hand in the kitchen, the tool shed and the the cottage.

    Available at Home Hardware stores across Canada

    If you prefer to purchase the edge-mate Sharpener in person rather than on line, you can get it an any Home Hardware store in Canada. If they don't have it in stock just quote product #7310-003.

    How To Quickly Sharpen Most Any Blade 


    Hold the blade edge up. Steadying the blade, hold edge-mate in your other hand, with your fingers through the opening formed by the handle and the guard. Place the blade inside the edge-mate's tungsten carbide notch formed in the sharpener.


    Keep the  edge-mate handle at a right-angle to the blade and press down lightly. Draw the  edge-mate along and past the end point of the blade using your thumb to apply light pressure. Several passes may likely be required to fully sharpen your blade's edge. CAUTION! heavy pressure may cause loss of control of the blade and may result in injury. EXERCISE CAUTION: Following use of  edge-mate the blade will be sharp! Do not touch the blade with your fingers.