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  • Bag Protector Alert

    Bag Protector Alert
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    Go Ahead, Walk Away From Valuables, Or Protect Yourself  In The City Or In The Wilderness

    Bag Protector Alert will sound the alarm if someone tries to move whatever it is you're trying to protect from theft or tampering.

    Bag Protector Alert can also be an effective personal alarm that easily and  discreetly fits inside the palm of your hand when you fear for your safety.

    Either way, the number of uses for this product are endless.

    Knapsack, suitcase, gym bag, purse... Anywhere on vacation, at the airport, the locker room at the gym, for students in university residence---these are all great places for bag protector alert.

    Even in the comfort of your own home or apartment, whether you live alone or with family or roommates, everyone has something they want to keep safe from theft or prying hands.

    It will emit a loud 100db blast to stop the culprit in their tracks.

    Not just for protecting objects, it can be used as a personal safety device. when you pull the "grenade pin" the alarm instantly goes off, stopping when push the pin back in. Great for walking alone at night, and also very popular with hikers and hunters who feel a little safer walking in bear country.

    Made from sturdy construction, this product is also water-resistant.