Makers of Ingenious Home and Leisure Products

Cutting Edge is dedicated to providing you with great new products to complement your home and leisure lifestyle. Working and playing is more of a pleasure around the home, cottage or in the great outdoors, when you're using one of our products.

Year after year we come up with innovative product ideas that you can depend on for ease of use and durability. Once you start using a Cutting Edge innovation you'll be telling your friends and family what a neat new way you've found to save time and money.

Our steady rollout of 8 new products since the company was founded in 2004 is a testament to the appreciation people have for what we do.

Cutting Edge was founded by Brad Gardiner, an inventor living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when he came up with an idea that eventually became the V’eedCutter - a truly innovative solution to the age-old issue of too many weeds growing in the water offshore of cottages. He was then joined by partner Bob Edwardson who helped develop the company into a large-scale operation.

We hope you enjoy using the products we envision will make life easier for the home or cottage owner. Every one is a home run with customers because we take ingenious ideas and turn them into quality products.